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Product success and children marketing

After my experience working in a marketing department where the main target group were children, I realized about how the products' success depends mostly on the connections with basics human behaviours, easily visible in kids. As I could read in some books about the topic (TUR, V. and RAMOS, I.
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iPad & Star Trek freaks

Last week was the launch of the expected iPad3. Masses of people waiting in front of the Apple stores. It is quite common to hear about the wonderful design and usability of Apple products, and so one could think that they have such creative and visionary minds in their product development team, is
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Future closets

Within the last years of my university degree I developed the idea of creating a database to manage my clothes. Although then a teacher told me that this would be a „doll project“, I can see how nowadays exist some products that follow the same idea ... Mango has a virtual model on which you ca
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