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Google search ads evolution

Last month Google made certain changes to how their sponsored advertisements were shown on the search result page. In the past the paid advertisements were shown in colour on the top and on the right side of the result page. But in the meantime, the eye of the users was just too used to just avoid t
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New Google search interface

Google did some changes in the visualization of their image search. After clicking on the image, it does not link to the web where the image is. Instead of that, it shows a black background with the image and a button with different possibilities. The actions after clicking are „visit page“ a
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Pinterest, potencial social tool for womens’ target products

This social photo sharing web has a a graphical and easy interface which connects with the female users. With this image sharing service they find a way to express themselves through pinboard, including social network features. Massimo Dutti and Mango also have created a profile on Pinterest, follo
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Analytics + wardrobe= stylitics

Finally, after internet researches and trials of different platforms, I found the right tool to properly administer a wardrobe: Stylitics This is not a new topic in my mind, as I have described it before in another post about future closets. I find in such products a "blue ocean" where there are s
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Google holidays

If you are planning the next Easter holidays, let me recommend you a tool  showed in the last SEO, Analytics and Adwords course in the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. If you avoid the local redirection, typing, and then "hotels" you will obtain the list of the right hotels
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