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Facebook celebrate its 10th years

As special surprise to celebrate their birthday, Facebook (or more precisely, Mark Zuckerberg) make themselves a present with a “toy” for 19 million USD. And the successful founders of Whatsapp were the lucky winners! And one day after the acquisition, “by chance” my Whatsapp hang the whole
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​Online fashion shops

Although some retailer fashion shops are already online for some years, I am surprised how they do not realise about basic concepts they should improve on their webs without not really a hard technical improvement. For example it is very uncomfortable from a usability point of view to separate your
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iPad & Star Trek freaks

Last week was the launch of the expected iPad3. Masses of people waiting in front of the Apple stores. It is quite common to hear about the wonderful design and usability of Apple products, and so one could think that they have such creative and visionary minds in their product development team, is
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Freemium and attention as the new web-currency

If there is something great in Internet then it is the possibility of enjoying some products for free. Some years ago, more exactly at 2006, the "freemium" model began to be used for software products on web pages. Trial days, a limited number of uses, or limited versions were thought as a bait to
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