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Google search ads evolution

Last month Google made certain changes to how their sponsored advertisements were shown on the search result page. In the past the paid advertisements were shown in colour on the top and on the right side of the result page. But in the meantime, the eye of the users was just too used to just avoid t
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Online Personal shopper for this spring

Related to my last entries, I can show you today another example of „products versus solutions“. As spring arrives, the online shops are again more crowded. And I am also there, as online shops are easier and faster than running from Pontius to Pilatus in order to find the right size or model
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Loewe’s internationalization strategy

Last year the Spanish company Loewe launched a successful promo campaign that - as I described in an earlier post - was quite polemic. Even it was pat of a marketing case study „A winning marketing strategy with 95% of negative ratings“ How the professor from the University of Navarra explained
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This week I received different mails in my inbox offering great advantages in purchasing their  products through their online shop. The promotions were only available on Friday, the 23rd and on Monday, the 26th. The subject of the mailings were „Black Friday“ and „Cyber Sunday“. In Euro
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Starbucks sommer Frappuccino, pears and apples

Summer is arriving! And with it open-air terraces, colorful clothing, light food and fresh drinks come back to our lives. Sadly this background does not fit to the warm, cosy “living room” atmosphere of the Starbucks locations. But they already have the answer on this weakness: Frappuccino! A
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